Our Father Who Art in Heaven

by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop   Mar 5, 2015

Now I lay me,
Down to sleep,
Hear me, Lord,
This prayer I speak,

Send me a woman,
Kind hearted and true,
That was my prayer,
And he sent me you,

Out of nowhere,
You came in my world,
As an incognito love,
Slowly was unfurled,

I cared for you more,
As each day had passed,
Each time that we talk,
I had such a blast,

After a week or two,
Of being with you,
I said that I love you,
You said I love you too,

As each minute pasted
As each hour went by,
I loved you even more,
And I'll tell you exactly why,

Each time that we talk,
A smile comes to my face,
And when I hear your voice,
My heart begins to race,

And when you are hurting,
I feel the hurt too,
I want to hold you close,
And be there for you,

And when we are apart,
My world fades to gray,
I think about you constantly,
While you are way,

I can't tell you when,
But somewhere I lost my way,
I started focusing on the world,
and I scared you away,

You waited for me to change,
You prayed it would so,
But then I acted deranged,
And behaved like a dope,

A few years have past,
My behavior never changed,
You thought we would last,
But our love now felt strange.

I'm not sure what malfunctioned,
But I'm being repaired,
Maybe one day we could continue,
That strong bond we shared,

I know for me I once said it,
It still holds true today,
If you ever give me the chance again,
I'd love to come sweep you away.

And if that day never comes,
Because of my past rage,
Know that love we had in the beginning,
I still feel exactly that same way.

I'm not asking you to do anything,
I just felt you needed to know,
Exactly how I still felt,
Before your current love grows,


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