by MikaMad15   Apr 7, 2015

Tilt your head, fix your face.
Oh lord, who are you now?
You're nothing but a baby,
With your child like endeavors,
you're just a root to a tree,
underground, the biggest part of the puzzle.
No one knows really, your mind is a locked cage.
In a way though, you're like a bird.
Fly, fly away.
And let you go.
I do as I'm told, when I can.
Not part of the clan, not part of this life.
Part dead, not really alive.
Cut cut cut, your wrist.
And reality screams at you, but what is it?
Who can really know?
I don't know, I really don't.
You'll take another swing, it'll numb you though.
It's gonna be back, just like the wind when you wish it won't most.
It's gonna haunt you like a shadow and you're not gonna escape.


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