Day june 16.

by Lavia Belle   Jun 16, 2015

On this day,
blood was shared
Tears was a substitude for water.
People Lost their loved one's.

Fighting for freedom!
Fighting for peace!

They killed children because they are young,
They killed them because they were the next generation that was going to be free.
Free from violence,free from torture
Oh that was the bad pain for their free nation.

History kept on repeating itself
It want people to know were they come from.
Why Fighting was a need
And The boars having to plant the seed
Yet it was a perfect deed.

Apartheid separated brothers and sisters
Blacks and whites
Indians and coloureds
Not realising that we are one.
We are all africans
Our hearts are shaped like a question mark just like africa.

Who would have thought?
That their day would come
Were africans become one blood
One nation
One love...

June16 was a terrific day
They taught blacks how to hate
Boars beat the blacks until they bled
And All they could do was to hate..
Nothing but Just hate.
What was they supposed to do?

Let us honour 16 june
Let us remember this day
Let us rejoice this day.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    What a wonderfully expressive poem - well done.

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