When she left

by Amanda   Aug 3, 2015

A quarter to four, she walked away after our embrace
Tears streaming down my face
Trying desperately to replace
a hollow feeling, a void, a hole more like a crater

Don't get me wrong I'm not a hater
I don't resent her
I want the best for her, I'd do anything even pass the test for her
She's gonna make it, I know she will

So I stood there in my silence and my heart and soul are still
Quietly, like when you hold your breath before you hear your test results
like how you squeeze your insides before they draw your blood
I see you walk further away to the departure area until I can't see you anymore

So the following day I was getting ready for the supermarket trip and I was so sure
That I would just swing by your house to pick you up and then I realized, you don't live there anymore
It hit me like a ton of bricks, like slamming your pinky in a door
A pain so swift that knocks the wind out of you

Your first realization after the fact that it's not the two of you
It's just one of you,
On that grocery trip, walking the isles alone, tears welling up on cue
So I just skip the trip today, I have enough groceries anyway

Not really..


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