A fools plaything

by Darren   Aug 6, 2015

I fall, eyelids heavy breaking imaginary props
and land head first into idyllic providence
for just a moment....

Then she comes
dragging her heels
waving a talisman of doom in my face
to taunt and to tire.

A harbinger of dulcet tones
whispering evil wishes into deaf ears
dragging me by the hair
through caliginous backdrops
painted desperately by despairing
tendril chewing torturous souls.

I have been dragged into tomorrow
leaving behind today
just making out rhapsodic chanting
by chalice chewing puritans.

Those halcyon days merely a daydream
left in slumber, hoping and choking
wanting to wake
but knowing that 'out there'
is more than just a fools plaything.


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