For the girl who plays against me..

by Jamparnell   Sep 3, 2015

After all this time I can still feel your lines cutting my skin making me sin envious of other men.
We began to realize we could never be together.
Your will was light as a feather and my will was in a fight with the idea of tether ball.
You would send the ball towards me.
and make me fall and make me bleed.
I didn't want to let it be.
For that would be
moving in circles.
Separated by a pole.
I just wanted to be whole.
And yet when my heart you stole.
I tried to stop playing games.
Yet you framed me.
I started to go insane as you took down my wins, one by one...
I lost the idea of fun.
So now... Here I sit. Cursing the paper and my government.
A boring, average, little town guy.
I still think of you... it still makes me sigh.
Skype was never the same.
You took down a lane.
And you went to that big country.
I am the sea of one man.
Me, I can not stand.


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