Barnyard chaos

by donna   Oct 12, 2015

Bunnies hopping all around,
doggies going crazy.
Piggies hunting for their food,
the cows are being lazy.

Chickens clucking, laying eggs,
the cockerals are too loud.
Sheep are bleating in the field,
the swans are standing proud.

Horses eating hay and neighing,
Goats bred for making cheese.
The farmer thinks he's got it tough,
'Won't someone help me please?'

The dogs escape, they're running round,
chasing a little bunny.
Crashing down the pigsty gate,
the cows think that it's funny.

The chickens tie the cockerals up,
and tell them to be quiet.
The goat decides to go on strike,
thinking the farmer needs to diet.

The sheep jump on the horses back,
they want to go and ride.
The swans find a muddy pond,
in which they all can hide.

All the animals are loving it,
they've never had such a fun day.
Barnyard chaos is too much,
the farmer runs away.

Every day's a party now,
no more work to do.
Barnyard chaos so much fun,
and way, way overdue.

This poem won a contest on this site October 2006


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by J Nair

    Real fun reading this one. I so could see the chaos and wanted to be one with them crazies. :))
    Really enjoyed reading - Thank you Donna.

  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Brilliant - again, great rhyming and raised a smile right through.
    Take care