by donna   Oct 14, 2015

The news these days, is always war!
and what is it they're fighting for?
Mainly religion, money and peace,
fighting for their country, for their beliefs..
It doesn't make sense, it isn't right,
fighting for peace, but people dying tonight!

Families wiped out, kids left behind,
the peace and love there, I cannot find!
Homes being destroyed, innocent people getting hurt,
searching for loved ones, in rubble and dirt..

Father's going out, with a gun in their hand,
why they were invented, I'll never understand.
Mother's holding children, tears running down her face,
all she wants to do, is get them somewhere safe!
Hiding in a corner, sshhh! We'll be safe here,
then KABOOM! Another bomb hits near!

Crying children on the streets, not knowing where to go,
waiting for their families, while their anxieties grow.
Knowing deep inside, they are never coming home,
They should never have to face, such a cruel world alone!

Have You seen the news? Have You looked into the eye?
Have You seen through the tears, of the little ones that cry?
I'll never understand this world, that is filled with hurt and pain,
in a world full of self destruction, how does anyone stay sane?

last submitted July 2006 but still sadly goes for the here and now


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  • 8 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    As you know Donna, I wrote a poem with a similar theme recently and as you so sadly - but truthfully - say, its relevance seems to span the years, doesn't it?
    A punchy piece that rolls through the reader like a steam train, and leaves you wondering what the hell war is about - well done. I wish more people would take notice.
    All the very best,