If I Lose My Way

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

Blood drips slowly from the slit on my wrist,
I can feel the throb of my pulse bobbing frantically,
The pain rushes to my head and blurs my vision but it is,
A welcome escape from the heartache that's haunting me.

Who will know the struggle that I am going through?
The confusion and turmoil that's running through my mind,
Alone in this world my tears flow silently,
Is there anyone who will care, someone who is kind?

The screams of a little girl in the middle of the night,
Sends a jolt of shock through my trembling frame,
For that is how I feel every single day,
Hurting alone and praying tomorrow would not be same.

Why am I hurting, what is the reason,
Behind these tears that's falling from my eyes,
There is no answer, no story I can tell,
To justify the pain I am feeling and the hurt and the lies.

Will somebody tell me I am not alone,
Not wading through this mess all by myself,
If anyone asks why am I hurting,
There is no reason that I can pick from the shelf.

The feeling of suicidal is just so strong,
Some days I can't even fight against it,
If one day I will lose my way,
Please keep all the lamps home brightly-lit.


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