Mum, Why Can't You Understand

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

Tears streamed silently down my cheeks,
As you rant on and on,
About how you would be happier,
If another child has your bond.

Day after day of nagging,
Minute after minute of scolding,
Sometimes I just can't help it but say,
"Mum, you are damn irritating".

You rave over another woman's daughter,
But scorn dreadfully at your own,
Smile and hug my best friend,
But to me, on your face, a frown seemed to be sewn.

Yelling at me about unwashed dishes and unfolded clothes,
I am really tempted to bang my door,
Turn the music right up just to annoy you,
Sometimes I want to be a bird and up into the sky I soar.

Chiding me terribly about my test results,
Shaking your head at the way I dress,
Always nosing into my room,
Berating me about how my life is in a mess.

Mum, why can't you understand,
This is the way your daughter is,
Do not be mistaken, I love you dearly,
But can't you accept me with a hug and a kiss?


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