She Should Be Beautiful

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

The girl in the mirror blinked back at me,
Her shoulders shook as she stifled a sob,
Makeup was applied thickly to her face,
That was framed by her hair which was cut into a bob.

Waves of nausea overcame me,
As I stared in disgust at my reflection,
At the ugly and fat teenage girl,
Who was trying so hard to reach perfection.

She hid her face using her hands,
Always walked behind her friends,
Thinking she was the ugliest among all,
Never thought when this must ends.

She felt her zits were terrible,
Her face was marred by her great big nose,
She told herself she was horrendous,
All happy thoughts out of her mind she closed.

Not daring to wear any pretty clothes,
Looking around at her so-called sisters,
If she can be as pretty she would bear with anything,
From broken bones to cancer and blisters.

But she would have to accept the fact,
That she was an ugly fat b**ch ,
I cried to myself as I saw her in the mirror,
Thinking how good it would be if she was without a glitch.

Maybe if she is pretty enough,
The guy that she likes will like her back,
If that is the way love works,
Then shouldn't she be beautiful.


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