Still Loving Him

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

Tears are drowning me,
And there seems to be anchors,
On the edge of my lips,
Forcing them to turn down.
Who should actually be sad?
None of us knew who was the one,
Who wanted a break up first.
Who actually gave up on us,
On this relationship of ours?
I finally know that,
Promises that can't be kept,
Hurt more than promises,
That are never made.
Dreams are always so wonderful,
But reality begs to differ.
Please tell him that,
I do not love him anymore.
But my laughter is forced,
And my smiles are sad.
I seem to be living in,
A punishment I meted out to myself.
Please don't tell him,
I am still loving him.
Hate is always easier to explain,
Than love.
I tried my best to pretend,
That I don't love,
I am not hurting,
And I have truly let you go.
But I can't lie to myself,
Now I realize that I still love you.


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