Suicide Note

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

To the one who first find my letter,
I apologize for the state my body must be in,
Please give this note to my family and friends,
There is no words to explain this sin.

Yes, I know that committing suicide is a crime,
But I really am tired and weary of living,
I just want to close my eyes and rest a while,
For I have not really lived but was just existing.

The cuts and bruises on my body the doctor will find,
Explain to my mama that no one had hurt me,
I was just trying to lessen the pain in my heart,
When I was trying to be someone that wasn't me.

I have really tried to go on with my life,
To anticipate the future and what it might bring,
But the clouds kept blocking the sun and,
There's no hope and I could hear the death bells ring.

I can hear the heaven's door open and the angels' song,
After I die, there won't be anymore sadness,
Just me and the sky and the sun and the moon,
Please tell my mama my death will surely be painless.


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