by MikaMad15   Nov 28, 2015

It could leak from your finger tips,
just like the crimson from my wrists.
with every word that leaves your lips,
you don't know me, you don't know me.
And you think I hurt myself for you.
But you're blind, you can't see.
This is not just a cry for help, I'm hurting.
These wounds can't heal on their own,
I'm trying, I'm asserting,
but where are you?
you're in denial of your lies,
who am i, who am i
i ask myself, but all i hear are cries
they're mine, i know but you're nowhere to be.
You're nothing to me but everything at the same time.
nothing will let me be free
these memories, they haunt me.
I can't drink enough to hide,
This is hate, this not what should be.
But mumma, who are am I to you?
Nothing but pain, pain I feel everyday.
but I'm done, i'm done through.


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