Remember The Infantry

by Poetic Grunt   Dec 2, 2015

I write words so hollowed but so true.
For my brothers who fell for the red white and blue.
Words cant express the solemn promise of they're sacrifice.
Men who define the meaning of the word precise.
There is no greater feat then having the courage to fight.
To put down ones life for the greater good, what's right.
Bravery in motion, heroes without capes.
leaving behind wives and daughters who forever will wait.
We took an oath, we live by a creed.
Until our last breath we honor the Infantry.
Front line combat sometimes hand to hand.
There is no fail, we will fight to the last man.
Kill or be killed its a simple way to work.
Men who leave the battlefield, in their mind it lurks.
The constant struggle of who we were before.
All that we have seen, we pay the price of war.
But we do this so that our family and friends do not.
Even if war is a enemy we cannot stop.
If we must lay down our lives on the line.
Just to buy our children a little more time.
A world of peace is a precious dream.
We put up a facade, for inside we silently scream.
So if you see us on the street, remember the sacrifices these men keep.
For those you don't see, they deserve the honor of peace in their eternal sleep.


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