by Gasttlee   Feb 17, 2016

Many quarrels end
with rocks being bashed
into another, breaking pieces
in what could be used
to build a better foundation.

Resistance is virtue
if it's for the best reasons.

Fighting is necessary
when it's for self-love
as well as altruistically.

Conflicts aren't all bad,
for they provide insight
and make a path
for growth and resolution.

Your greatest battles
are for growth and maturity
to who you are truly meant to be.

Loss is temporary,
for you gain gifts and spirits
that will be everlasting.

You will push forward
past your internal conflict
with renewed might
in what's right
and go the distance.

There will always be tests,
but you will always pass
with flying colors
like a phoenix
with burning passion.

You're a fighter to the end
and you will keep fighting,
so fight the good fight
and make room for others
to join in and shine with you.


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  • 2 years ago

    by - Mr. Darcy


    This is (in my opinion) a well written and thought out poem. I like how each verse sets out the merits for 'fight'. After I had read it I felt that as long a fight is fought with good intentions, no matter the outcome, there are lessons learned. To quote a clique: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and fight the good fight.

    I enjoyed this.

    Well done,


    • 2 years ago

      by Gasttlee

      Thank you for the feedback. And it's great to see someone likes it.

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