by Maricris   Oct 15, 2016

Petrified, awakened
in the middle of the night
looking in the mirror
dropped herself on the floor
silence of the night was shattered
by her screams and loudest cry
No, please, not now!

Deafening, pendulum swings
in the dark Like thunder in her ears
What has become of being famous?
what has become of her wealth
now that her charisma
is no longer compelling?

The villain living in her body
caustic enraged wanted her fully
she feels being betrayed
frightened, she wanted to run
through the pavements of her dreams
seeking fulfillment.

She dreads now of leaving completely
the enticing beauty of life
her total acceptance she can't find
looking at her hourglass
dreadful, her heart bleeds
she knows she's going to take her last breath.

Her beauty so innocent and entrancing
her body so fabulous and astounding
time is running out
she has to leave everything without
surround and get a hold within.
Bid goodbye to Adonis,
Venus,my sweet Venus!

(C)2016 Maricris Cabrera


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  • 1 year ago

    by - Mr. Darcy


    A lovely poem, with drama, tension and beauty, which are a captivating mix.

    Well done,


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