by Cold Kira   Oct 29, 2016

I grew up with happiness
from Child to become independent
Things are perfectly made crafted
in cases of initial respondent.

The reservoir I have
Linked with waste immorality
Function with sarcastic implication
and denied from being.

My instinct drafted and swallow
when my life goes down
and emptiness fills my ego.
Tears are falling again!

Hatred became worst
People around indefinable
with different thoughts.
My life becomes miserable!

Then, one day I found
someone is gone and leave
I realized How important
the word "I AM" ...

And I started AGAIN ...
I see life in colorful way
Reminiscing the past that I gain
Even it takes time to think better.

I wonder the reservoir I have
A lot of mistakes and failure
But indeed, a GOOD and BETTER
Life I have TODAY, Yesterday and TOMORROW!


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