No longer neighbors

by Sarah   Nov 2, 2016

We were once friends,
Neighbors even,
Now we are more then distant,
Enemies even.

How can years of sacrifice mean nothing,
How can all of those late night talks mean nothing,
How can you forget who I am so quickly,
How can you run every time you see me?

I want to go back,
I want to start over,
I want to have your back,
I want to work together.

I see now that I mourn the loss of a friend,
I mourn the loss of what could have been,
I mourn for the hurting child within you,
I mourn for the future that will never be.

So I cry for the misery that you feel deep inside,
the one that pushes me aside,
the one that makes you run and hide,
I can now only be on the outside.


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