Thy smile gives me peace

by Adewole   Dec 3, 2016

I give you my world, please let me share your dream with you.
How I wish I could run away from you, honey but how do I live without you.
Since you have captured me with thy grace.
May I make you the essence of my life, beautiful one?
You drive me crazy no matter what you do and I can't stop thinking about you.
My missing rib, you don't know what you mean to me
My soul divine, my eyes only see you for I am lost in thy sweetness.
Thy smile gives me peace, please don't go because my life will be empty as soon as you are gone.
Let me adorn you with the stars and moon, kiss me and don't let me go.
Sunshine, please come into my arms and let me be thy sky
You light my dark path and made me thirst for you, am lonely and I need you next to me.
I get weak every time you come around me and my soul yearns for thy touch.
Thy voice set my soul on fire but my heart burning with desire just to make you heart.
Oh, how I wish to see thy face that glows as the sun rise, as the beauty of the dawn.
Everything I cherish is embedded in you as a shooting star in the dark night glittering with beauty.
I will be lost if I lost you because I never want to be in love with anyone but you.
Angel, my life will be brighter with you in it but how do I live without you?


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