No clothes on me but rags of sorrow

by Adewole   Dec 9, 2016

I woke up to the dew of the early hours of the dawn falling on me
I dreamt of seeing myself in paradise, a place I never wanted to leave
It dawn on me and I realise who I was
A total nobody, an outcast from humans
I couldn't walk with the sores on my feet, no shoe but a bare swollen feet
The smell of a dead decay animal oozing from me drove everyone away from me
They called me the homeless, the talking dead corpse

Hmmm...........the dark corners of the street lies my home but the comfort of the night
I scrambled for the crumbles of food that fell from the table of sanity
Sometimes the animals defeat me to a duel of trashed food, we fought over to eat from the dust bin refuge
I cried so bitterly, ah my God why have thou forsaken me

No clothes on me but rags of sorrow
I had a gift of waking up and repeating the circle of suffering all over again, this was my scaring nightmare.
Walking around with no purpose and when It is night fall, my bed is anywhere I find myself but my companions were the cricket or every crawling beast of the night.

I wandered around and I saw life slipping away from my very eyes
I had nobody and I was an orphan but a lonely soul rejected
I looked but saw no dreams neither do I have a goal
The sun rise for me to beg again, only to set for me to be despair

Suddenly hope rose up as a seed that died deep within the earth, only to grow again
A hand woke me up in the cold dark night
Lead me into a warm home filled with love and it's atmosphere a heaven of joy

First time in my life, I ate as a normal human being because I have forgotten how it felt to be human
My wounds were treated and anointed with ointments
So I slept like a baby with tears flowing down my eyes
This was how one felt happiness but it didn't last long

I woke up in a strange place but all in a dream, I was told it is over welcome home
They say look and behold lifeless body for the first time been touched and carried away.
I was alive to begin a new chapter with the inscription written boldly on it, saying.............



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  • 6 years ago

    by Khadz

    Wow !! Incredible writing poet !! I am amaze to read such a beautiful description of Life and Dead !!