Embrace me and take away all my fears

by Adewole   Dec 4, 2016

I am honoured by your gift of friendship given to me with an outstretched arms
Being your friend or to be known by you is a rare privileged, I count myself lucky

Why would an immortal of noble, grace the life of thy servant of yours.
I hope I haven't offended the gods, please spare my unworthy life but bless me with thy kindness and love
Show me mercy that I may live to tell the tale of standing on the ground of heaven or I may still my tongue from saying nonsense

Thy presence has over overwhelmed me, scared me and make me helpless with weak limps but why would you decide to honour me with this once in a life time opportunity.

Wow, a goddess smiling at me, I feel the rupture of ecstasy in my blood vessels as my body react to thy gracious presence, the touch of immortals
Speak gentle to thy humble servant, pardon me if you want judgement on me but show me kindness and love

I will be able to look at thy eyes of flames of love, laughter, hope and peace
Embrace me and take away all my fears
Refresh me for thou have weakens me, let me feed little strength from thy love
Thou art too beautiful to behold


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