Peace bind knowledge.

by Bhekumuzi   Dec 8, 2016

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane @mdkholdings

A Generation Blinded by their own Creations.


What do you teach the next generation?

When a child questions about death, hold back no truth for they too deserve to choose from exception or fear .

Your fears, are not meant for others.

We fear death for mankind knows not of what comes after life.

Should we not be showing the next generation a way towards successfully growing into a world that understands that they know only what they create;

From the Root of knowledge, ( Information created by mankind ), a few will grasp its understanding and value, its creation and, its creator.

You shape the future of the world we will soon leave behind for the next to shape.

It is up to us, how we teach the children of this world ( OUR FELLOW HUMANS THEY ARE ), WE CAN!! create that happy ending.

And what better way to do so than to teach the world the art of exception which is the leader of understanding.

Tell a soul to fear something and life you just took away from them.

Teach a soul to live with all as one and except life even though we know not of its origins and of the afterlife.

Share your fears as you don't understand why you have them.

Give them life so you can see a soul live without the fears.

All fear belongs to the preceding generation and is created by them.

The past is theirs but the present moment is for all.

The future we all create with truth not riddles, (straight forward talking, kind of thing).

A child is curious like you once were.

You want them to fear life like you just because you were made to fear the end, never to understand the situation at present and live.

You came without a problem, doubt nor a fear. It was all given to you.

Let it all go. Give fear back to its original creator.



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