A child of hope

by Adewole   Dec 17, 2016

A child of hope
Lost in the world of hardship
Crying with no parents to comfort their broken soul
No choice but to play in the ashes of destruction

A child of misery where their eyes close at night time of coldness but continues suffering in the scorching heat of the day
They were praying never to wake up at dawn
Abandoned with no shelter but cast away in the flames of sorrow

A child that wish to die, forgetting their brighter future, our very own future
Wailing when life is squeezed out of them gradually with unbearable pain
With no food to eat, their body hangs on a skin supported by a skeleton of their structure
They are not pleasant to look in the eyes

A child left behind by death, that stolen their loved ones away
Left to fend for themselves in a wasted land with no hope of surviving

A child playing with the dungeon of the valley of carcass
The only companion they had are wild animals
The only friends they had were the victims of circumstances
Guns and bloodshed were the only memories they had

A child naked unto barefoot but left to die with corpses
Others that manage to live, were turned to slaves but shown the other side of life at infant
Some raped by heartless beast, who derive pleasures from their agony but the ones that love life were toss around like the raging storm. But they were made to laboured in an extremely conditions and mercy wasn't shown to them.

A child raised up in violence
Where their emotion is forcefully taken away from them
Inhuman is all that is left of them
Their consciousness destroyed by wickedness of the society
And they become condemned souls from the past, present and the future.


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