by Gasttlee   Dec 31, 2016

They say you're gone, but not forgotten
and it's true,
but only when you're a necessity.

You're the first to be a hero,
but the last to be a friend
if at all.

The impact you give
is only skin deep
and it burns bright,
but only to make others shine
as you turn to ash
gone with the wind.

You're split in a million pieces
with confusion and heartburn
burning other people's passion.

You dissolve and disappear
invisible to all.

You will never be whole
or welcome into the world.

You're crushed
before you're even given a shot
and sent into the abyss
where you'll never see
the light of day
where you're never given a second look.

Forgotten and gone forever,
you are cast aside
and nothing more than a placeholder
for what's believed to be better
until it's too late.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Wow, I really liked this a lot. So very sad and I thought out more than one scenario that brought this write on. Well done-

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