Stateside KIA

by Poetic Grunt   Jan 5, 2017

When it started we were kids dreaming big on a plane.
The thought of fighting in a war we thought it awesomely insane.
Step off the tarmac and on to the trucks.
We didn't care what awaited us through the mud and the suck.
Hit the ground running with firefight after firefight.
We thought we were invincible, the rulers of the night.
But we found out we were fragile and were but a fleeting breath.
We found out the hard way that one cannot ever cheat death.
We survived the explosions, the shrapnel, the lead.
Never would have guess that once we made it home you would end up dead.
There are those who's souls are reaped of feeling once the trigger is pulled.
There are others that feel deeper and deeper even after the last barrel is cooled.
You always were a better man then most.
Even now as I sit in the dark and speak to your ghost.
I don't have the courage to feel anything.
You had the courage and fortitude to exhibit emotion in everything.
I suppose that's why you had to die.
In this world something so pure can never stay alive.
I will never forget my soldier, my brother, my best friend.
Save me a spot at that bar, I will make it there in the end.


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