What have I done to deserve this

by Bhekumuzi   Jan 20, 2017

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

What have I done to deserve this ?


Condolences to our fallen visitors,

No longer will we learn from your actions and gather all your wisdom from the knowledge you've shared with our hearts.

We met during your presence, but the greed filled within the mind of a man, saperated the purest form of humanity.

Your message is on the move, reaching out to others like me, Your cry for peace on earth, lives like the voice you left in my heart.

A man may die, but his words will forever remain.

You foreigners, they named and shamed you, like an alien invasion of which they are yet to discover they treated you.

How dare they fail to see the human body your soul lived in, my fellow earthling, they were blinded by nothing.

A friend I miss, a brother your sisters lost and a parent your children will live without.

A man killed mankind, humanity taken from a human, Life gave death power and earth was left lonely like a house without a family.

Forgive them for the violent exit which they gave you, a pain I can only imagine, those stones they cast upon your body, blades ramming through your skin and then to be burnt alive with a tyre hugging you in flames.

No man deserves to scream in pain filled with fear.

Help was not meant to be your last word.


With tears you asked.

"Go back home!!" They replied in meaningless anger.

"Help me!!", again you cried out, but only that silence came, in my mind while tied up to a pole, forced to say goodbye and receive your last breath, I left this world with your soul on that day.

The cruelty of a broken heart and the greed of a broken man, these creatures misinterpret their own time and information.

Condolences to our fallen visitors, for in history your existence now remains.

With each generation reliving the preceding's past, money makes the world go around in circles.

What really happened in the past that's preventing mankind from being and living in their own presence.

Words are truly powerful, for we now read about the past listen to the stories and but still, those living now bring it all back. A pain shared from generation to generation.

I am not just a South African, I am an earthling, a citizen of this world, the planet is my true home and sharing is indeed caring.

I care to share with every lifeform for the sake of unity, lay down your weapons and talk to me, where is that united nation, an ideal others were prepared to die for.

I really do believe in the human heart, it is the God we created, hiding the love we misunderstood, the true meaning of life lies in there. God is Love.

Why live on earth if you want your own world? I thought this was our home and not your house.

What have I done to deserve this?

Oh Well, I trust that you smell the coffee now, I'm making a cup for you too, just don't sleep for too long okay, it may be cold when you wake up.



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