Sometimes It Makes Me Wonder

by JCCaramelBarbie   Feb 6, 2017

Sometimes It Makes Me Wonder

I'm sitting here

without you near


and it makes me weep bittersweetly

how can I go on without you

what am I going to do without you

damn why did you leave me, your youngest

can I be oh so honest

You were in so much pain

yet you never let it take you in vain

so with that I wont let your name, sacrifices, and pain go in vain

as I can only substain and obtain

the strength, courage, and humbleness you constantly taught me to instill and maintain

Sometime It makes Me Wonder

if the words that daddy stabbed you with truly passed your soul

causing your emotions to go numb and take that much of your heart

can cause you as much pain as it did me

constantly that caused me to leave you behind and with him , is that where you really wanted to be

with him as he treated you bad constantly

you was and still is worth more than that and i mean that whole heartedly...

Most importantly....

Sometimes It Makes Me Wonder

Did you want to leave

or did you have to leave

from me

so I can actually

see how much you really mean to me

Mommy, can you send me a sign, if you want want me with you in heaven now or should I wait for God patiently...


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  • 1 year ago

    by Shruti

    Hello there,
    though a bit late, welcome to P&Q:).
    Aw, this poem is so sad...
    All along I thought this write is about a friend, and when I saw the word Mommy, it felt all the more sad. Of course, a mother is the best kind of friend one can have.
    The loss of a dear one is really heart-wrenching, and missing that person is not any less painful.
    I really love this poem a lot. It has a smooth flow and a soft vibe to it.
    I would only like to suggest two things here-
    "you was and still is worth"...
    ^ In this line, I think it could be "you 'were' and still 'are' worth".
    Beside this, this is a beautiful write.
    Memories sting sometimes, but that's what keeps the person's presence still alive within us. May you find salace.
    Keep writing. :)

    • 1 year ago

      by JCCaramelBarbie

      Shruti glade u stated u liked my poem after u tell me what i should have wrote. i write the way i wrote if u thought deeper than ur criticism youll see whaty i typed the way i did. thank u tho..

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