Miss Carrying You Part 2

by Avrii Monrielle   Feb 9, 2017

I was on the verge of two break downs in January
and February as you weren't well
November, December, January and February were mentally hell
I tried my best
and you did too
Sometimes I'm not sure
What to do

2/1 Evening
We get in a fight over coffee
I cry
I kiss you and hug you
I love you

2/2 Midnight
Baby fever
I am shocked, caught off guard
I panic in my head
Words -- finances, weight
Flash through my head
I take too long to answer
A minute must have been too long
You think I rejected you
I don't know what to do or say
I try to tell you it's okay
We argue

2/2 Early Morning

We still argue
You tell me you need to get to sleep
More arguing
You don't sleep

2/2 Morning

You get angry that I want to work
I try to work, period, so I can marry you


You didn't sleep
I told you to sleep

I told you sleep and take care of your health
And I'd be ready to marry you
I'm mad you didn't do it
I'm mad
I'm so mad
I'm so mad you say angry things to me you don't mean
I'm so mad and sad that I wait for you and then
I had my own breakdown
I just want to know you're waiting for me too.


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