Uncut diamonds

by Bhekumuzi   Feb 14, 2017

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Uncut diamonds


My dream came true, but the journey to discover this uncut diamond began within, digging into myself to find this treasure, I had to leave no stone unturned.

I had to cry with the child within, for the man I was in that moment had to remember how to let go.

All the pain and discomfort, a misunderstood self confused by regret, like a kid letting go of their toys for the first day of school, I had to let go.

Everyone has a dream, it's a divine purpose deserved by passion, courage is found along this journey where a dream turns to reality.

Those who are honest enough to admit all their fears and doubts, understand what it takes to live.

Fear can leave a lion hungry if they surrender to the buffalo, and doubt can never test your skills and courage.

My dream has always been at the back of my head but right at the tip of my tongue, with a pen and paper I wrote, I found my purpose in life amongst this ink and sheet.

An awakening I had, from a dream that has gathered dust like a powerful book abandoned in a shelf at the back of a library.

My words became knowledge for my pure being, scriptures giving me a reason to live and a belief system towards success. Writing with passion and wisdom, I prepared inspirational words from the top left corner of the page to the bottom right.

Sounding like music for a victory dance, they were lyrics to an all-time classic yet unreleased by my caged mind and locked in heart.

What hides a soul is a man, what blocks a mind is a man, the key is the heart and a man frees a man.

The lot which became food for thought, was hidden within this dream.

Oh but what a dream, touched by rays of that breath taking sunrise, a day never to be forgotten like that of Nelson Mandela taking that last step from a long walk to freedom.

When life feels like it's slowly slipping away, steady and still time will never stands, the clock keeps ticking as you reach the end of confusion. Do you go out there and make your dreams come true or live in what if?

That one move in a souls lifetime which will change the game plan.

Everyday I looked at it, gazing at my souls voice on paper, like discovered historic sacred scriptures. 

A memorable come back for the person I was to the man who now understands that person.

There are some who are born to find a way and there are those who live through the ways of others.

I had to find a way, you see it, your heart feels it, your soul knows it and your body is there to help you make it. Your dreams are your purest form and purpose.

An uncut diamond holds its shine within, every piece cut off leaves a window to heaven.



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