Rekindled Love

by Pinkie Pot Cheeks   Feb 15, 2017

Very less did I knew,
that my fate was sealed,
when I first met you.
We loved, we fought,
then we parted our ways,
but you found your way back,
to me from our childhood pages,
When I was lost and drowned,
in waves of despair and loneliness.
Your love healed my soul,
and I was revived to life again.
You are my burning candle,
eliminating darkness with light.
You are the fire in my blood,
spreading the warmth of love.
Here I am, now following you,
enticed by your ardent spirit,
beckoning me towards you,
making me lose my sanity.
I'm lost in your eyes,
when they hit mine,
with a blazing desire,
and I render myself, unknowingly
to you magical touch,
yearning for the warmth,
in your chest, and
kindness in your heart.
Together we shall be,
just loving each other,
you and I, forever and ever.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Only love can have this effect on us!

    Lovely poem and beautifully written.

    All the best,


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