Love Across Borders

by The Fallen Angel   May 12, 2022

My heart beats to the
rhythm of your’s;
But my soul split in two.
With you miles apart,
am drowned in the ocean
of despair, trying to
gasp some air.
I anticipate the days
to be longer,
preoccupied in
your thoughts;
But my nights
are even longer,
by staying up
and counting stars.
These times apart,
do not weaken our love;
But the pain of longing
has become unbearable;
So tell me a story,
with the wind rustling
across our lands;
and the moonlight,
sweeping across our rooms;
To make it a little easier,
for loving you
across the borders.

- Benzy
- Friday, May 13, 2022
- 3:44 am


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