Could it still be love

by trudy   Feb 16, 2017

Bruise my hurt. Hurts.
Write! I can't
Pain, pain when I'm writing.
Scares me, does scare me.
Just pain and sorrow.


By the way No one cares
But that was a little sound in my ear
And so now I go on with writing.

Elementary? I'm looking for you. I though I could do it myself.
It came my way, I didn't expect, to burn down my bridges
I expected the opposite and some imperfections.
cuz of love (anger)

No one cares , it doesn't care
Love doesn't care
but why would love not care if its love?

I guess I'm someone not to care about.
Isn't that why when you find love...
love would wanna be with you till death do us apart.
Be there for you no matter what or whenever.

Cuz I think I'm nothing to be caring about.

I could do this if my bridges weren't burnt down.
I feel like I gave up.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Trudy, interesting write. Love can be the most awesome and it also can be the worse. You have covered it all with this- well done-

    • 1 year ago

      by trudy

      Thank you. Its what came up to me and what I was really feeling.
      Is how I'm feeling but that night I was deeply in it. Thank you :)