Lost my direction

by Walter F Alvarado   Feb 25, 2017

I dont know what to do
I dont know where to go
I lost my direction long time ago

My emotions have taken over me
All my problems have taken their toll on me

But now I feel lonely
Lonely in this path I have chosen for a better way of life

Leaving everything I know behind including my family and wife

I feel like giving up, I dont feel like moving forward anymore

My heart falls in to sadness even more

Where in time did I lose my happiness
I guess I put on a fake smile to cover my sadness

I feel vulnerable, I feel sensative, I feel weak
This feeling gets worst each passing week

Time flies but things have not change, everything is the same, it doesnt make sense

What am I suppose to do, where am I suppose to go

Unfortunately at this time I simply dont know


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard


    A sad write, truly. When we feel this lost and the world seems to be moving forward and we are stuck firmly in place, life really can begin to seem rather pointless.
    I suppose looking back at where you think it may have gone wrong is a natural thing to do, but maybe it doesn't help. The trick is to acknowledge where you are now and try and get out of the hole with the tools you have - not the ones you don't.

    Take care