A soulful tear drop

by Bhekumuzi   Mar 12, 2017

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

A soulful tear drop


All that came out of my regrets was a lesson from the pure human within, I am not what I feel but rather what I think, I am not what I have, had and all that I will have.

I am life in love, for there's no life without love and no love without life.

Oh but my blinded self, confused by the Ego, a character who has misunderstood the information given to them.

I thought I was happy
But I guess not.
I thought I knew it all
But I guess not.
I thought this was my passion, my love and an open door to success.
But I guess not.

The damn thing was just a window. See, the Ego knows only how to build an empty house and never a home.

A man once said, "If you can imagine it, you can create it," and so I, "yours sincerely" believed in a world crafted by the mind and like a fool in April, I fell for the oldest trick in the book.

I had forgotten who the heck created the information. I forgot the link between mind, heart and soul.

The heart's pure desire is to Love and the mind is there to discover that life in love.

We have a divine purpose and connection with all life on earth, the trees that help us breath better and water, that main ingredient in all lifeforms.

When the Ego knows who created a place called hell, it riddles the truth about the heaven you already living in.

Guilty is the one who hides the facts but convicted is the innocent fool who knows not what they do.

I loved and followed. I thought it was love but I had lost My life, I was focused on the other side and left my side lonely, I have not been alive, I was born and bred by this Ego.

This window I opened and fresh air was forced into my life, I had to go outside my comfort zone.

Asked the mind what it wants and it showed nothing but pictures of my past and two roads.

One was heading to fame and fortune and the other only gave me a glimpse into the purpose of my existence.

I asked the heart and without wasting time my heart said, "Welcome home".

Long live the dream of Peace. I took my first breath of fresh air and a noble self I felt.

Your moments in life are treasures, to be kept, experiences lead to that knowledge shared in the morning of that once upon a time kind of thing.

The basic need is to let the love live.

I am human and I need love too. I need not the knowledge of pain, I need the knowledge of unity, like that which is felt when we sing the same song.

Let no earthling cry in pain.

Let the tear drops come from joy and live life in love as peace is, but a smile away.



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  • 1 year ago

    by DarkLight

    Truth just put in plain site. Thank you this. I guess a reminder did me good.