by Lyra   May 12, 2017

I want you to know
I'm feeling so alone
Out here on my own
Without you

I just wanna say
That I will be okay
I will stay away
I'll pull through

Oh it's hard to find
Someone who shines
Half as bright
As you do

Theres no way to say
Just how much I'd pay
Just to lie awake
In your arms today

There's no way for you to know
Just how much I'd let it show
My true self I've come to know
There's no way


Oh yes, there is, darling
I am here and I know...

That you like to pretend
You're okay and that's the end
But I feel what you send
And it's not love

So let me share some common sense
That, darling, there is no end
To this world. I am your friend
I'll hold you high above

Doesn't matter what you send
I am here to the very end
Nothing else but you my friend
I am dreaming of


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