by Nazeer   May 13, 2017

It was said that cricket was founded by England
In the early history cricket became the national sports
Cricket is also considered one of the famous sports
Cricket is a bat, wickets and a leather ball
Played between two teams of eleven players a side
One team bats attempting to score maximum runs
While the other team bowls and fields to make them out
There are two umpires who will monitor the games
6 balls is counted as one over in one session
There are 50 over matches, 25 over matches
And an even test match goes for 5 days or longer
Cricket is a very friendly game played on series
The cricket pitch consists of the central band
Where the grass is removed and in both ends
The ground area comes roughly to 135 meters
Watch the cricket match, patiently and quietly
You will feel the interest for sure


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