by Ndanileka   May 13, 2017

I'm willing work tirelessly
Late nights like through my first degree
Toiling silently
Till at least I'm done with three
My passion is not in my salary
But lies in me
Self development is important than what they give to me...
And suddenly...
I'm aiming at my chief aim aimlessly
Sniper balanced between a blunt and Hennessy
Not sure if my mind is still with me
At work and home I'm always under 3rd degree
But I don't have answers to the questions they keep asking me
This shit is stress to me
I'm actually...
Stressed out medically
Blunts and Hennessy not really helping with the therapy
My remedy...
Is to switch off the phone or visit family
Where the day goes by happily
Grandma and my little brother with me
That's alchemy...
This is how life ought to be
But in reality
I am not okay mentally
I need to channel my energy
Meditate and increase my focus exponentially
Revise my strategy
Reconcile with my true identity
And mathematically...
Work on the net worth and increase the equity
Great companies with great company, collectively
Till we are all free financially
And hopefully...
I'll be the son, brother and boyfriend I ought to be
Life will be like a shopping spree
And Academically..
I will increase the intensity
On the 4th degree
Like I am practicing geometry
And finally...
Reminisce over a blunt and Hennessy


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