Our Temporal Existence

by Joshua Adam   Jun 6, 2017

This world is the doorway to the next, how will you prepare yourself for the journey?
Life, Death, Hereafter.........

Life Is but a Brief Existence!

This side or the other, time alone is the deciding factor
you may think that you are happy, but you're an actor
no matter how much you change, there's a price to pay
there's just no escape, we all know, the end is a one way

Focus your actions in this world, they define who you really are
you'll ultimately be judged by others, whether you were on par
and even if you don't care, know that it's about right and wrong
if you make the right choices, rejoice, you don't need to belong

Your heart and your mind, yes, these are really one and the same
living on, past the limitations of a physical existence, is only shame
shame for what you could have done differently, why didn't you think
instead choosing those bitter waters, all that remains for you to drink

Learn the value of patience, it will bring happiness to your address
without it, all you can look forward to is disappointment and distress
life is much too precious to waste away, since time is not on our side
discern the higher meaning of life, before taking that final spiritual ride

Our temporal existence, how the pleasures of this world make us forget
just what we could have done while we were here, and this to our regret
yet all is not lost, so long as the candle is still burning, we can still change
we have all been given life as a gift, and our very own destiny to arrange

As desire still has power in us, do not let these opportunities go lost forever
avoid the arrogance, so innate in all of us, this shared attitude of, "whatever"
twilight years are quickly advancing, who knows when they will finally arrive
eternal happiness awaits, just prepare for the journey, and to this alone strive


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