A Heart without Borders: The Essence of the Human Being

by Joshua Adam   Jun 6, 2017

This is a short poem with deep meanings. Are we trapped in the world of the living until we die? Perhaps, we are only trapped mentally, ever focused on dealing with those issues that plague us on the day to day. Maybe we need the only medicine to set things straight once and for all. And that medicine is called CERTAINTY!
Grieve but Believe, Bereave but Cleave - to the Truth of our reality

When plagued by doubt, hold on to certainties.....

I sit alone in the silence, because this is how I grieve
time becomes my sole companion, thoughts will not leave
what has brought me here, the answer is a book of its own
only to be reminded once again, my death will not postpone

Just how long I have waited, maybe for that sincere friend to find
someone as real to others as he is to himself, someone one of a kind
but as the future fades into the past, I am forced to finally admit
giving up hope of ever finding that friend, a true friend to commit

A heart without borders is trapped within, the true essence of my being
my feelings are silenced, hidden within words of poetry, yet foreseeing
where deep insights and profound thoughts, are conveyed as silent bells
masked in pearls of wisdom, for those adept at unraveling mythical shells

While we have the freedom to choose, yet will we make the right move
no one will grieve for you, ultimately leaving you with nothing to prove
because your choices in this world are your own, you alone will decide
either pursue that which is noble, or err by surrendering to your evil side

Wherever you find yourself plagued by doubt, hold on to certainties, yes
there is only one beginning and one end, ultimately we will all confess
our lives are really one long movie, being watched by those no longer here
hoping we choose wisely while we still can, before we too will disappear


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