From The Depths

by Joshua Adam   Jun 6, 2017

From the depths of darkness, there will yet come the light
what others have cast aside, will one day light up the night
mysteries envelop this world, unseen but perceived within
a silence broken, noise reverberating at the drop of a pin

From the depths of loneliness, crying out, as tears are shed
no longer to be consoled, regardless of what words are said
having to face harsh facts, alone in the world is your reality
unwilling to follow society's norms, this, your abnormality

From the depths of heart, knowing who and what you are
you just want to live and let live, no desire to be that star
but you're often challenged, having to stay your ground
forced to fight for what you believe, yet one more round

From the depths of this inner isolation, you've acquired a skill
learning how to release your emotions, with paper and quill
no longer will you hide, ready for battle, and you persevere
fight for what's right, don't follow others, or you'll disappear

From the depths of pain, your arrogance to remove, it's your rebirth
a chance to sincerely make amends, waiting was heaven and earth
only now aware, the only true friend you have, he was always there
blinded by a selfishness, at whose direction, destined you for despair

From the depths of love, man will always reach the greatest heights above
when he sacrifices all that he has, you can be sure it's because of this love
but to achieve lasting love, you must first uproot what's hidden deep below
only then will those feelings of joy and happiness, upon others, begin to flow


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