Devil's Due

by Bob   Jun 15, 2017

Solid fatal bullet violently forcibly entering my intelligence filled brain.
Black life sustaining rivers of blood spewing out running its race down the drain.
Ancient tattered contract now fulfilled tucked neatly safely away.
Crooked yellowed stained teeth smiling on this cloudy cold fateful day.
Female lungs loud pitched screams happily fill his leather like ears.
Death fully gladly accepted silencing ending all human fears.
Walking gliding away fading escaping into the friendly kind dark.
His work on God created earth completed, he leaves the park.
Reporters witnesses people like Old Testament plague of flies swarm.
My broken shattered body amazingly is still quite warm.
Tortured bullied daily I struggling made it to 30 years old.
Greedily willingly surrendering my lonely heart to the absolute cold.
Eternal final hell was experienced learned honed over time.
Obsolete enormous bronze bells begin their solemn sad chime.
Quiet silent mourners all contain tears with which to shed.
Understand comprehend that my feeble soul is finally dead.
Vicious violent demons greet me like a long lost friend.
Keep in mind this is my complete and final end.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    Wow this is shamazeballs!!