Think whatever you may

by beyouplur   Jul 19, 2017

anyone can say
whatever they may
think whatever they'd like
tell me i'm no good
assume i have no worth
but they have yet to feel this hurt
haven't walked down this path
haven't felt their world truly collapse
i've been here just a little longer
but they believe they are stronger
think they bave been here
Felt this pain
but there is no way

i was once exactly where they are
in love forever nothing could be better
thought i knew it all
swore i once walked through hell
but little did i know
this is a neverending show
always changing what you know
and twisting the truth
creating chaos, and beauty
constantly repeating this flow

if you think you got it all figured out
if you think you got all you need
forever and it never will go
you should think again my friend
you are no where near the end
and any day boo it really is true
every thing could change
get taken from you
baby please believe me
it is more than true


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