by Hope   Jul 24, 2017

Black bones in the wasteland,
I'd take your hand,
your spirit lyes where your gone,
your fire from the sun;
burning in the cold,
I'm gone under your soul,
I burn; yearn,
I'm wasted; gone with all my hatred,
everything burns as it's all left to fade;
but I stay;
staying behind with you,
I'd lye down in clouds of blue;
clouds of hope; clouds of smoke,
I fall as the rain to my grave;
singing for sirens,
I'm taken in by bells of silence,
I'm gone by your horizon,
my memories are left behind;
gone by the black holes inside my skull,
I see black and white;
just another way to fall,
I dance in this prism;
but my feet have no rhythm,
who holds the key to my prison?
I'm left in shades of grey;
colorless in this horizon,
I'm left in the silence,
I don't remember why I came,
all I say is your name.


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