The Sea Of Rose flowers

by Ahmed   Jul 26, 2017

Life is full of pains anger, death, tears, murmured, destroyed, manageable and killer. People were crying for help and rescue, but couldn't find any.
Homeless people stranded, looking for shelter and love.
The Sea Of Rose flowers never give up to shadow it side.
Bees cried and tumbled to find survival of peace.
There is a fire coming towards them ,and eat them up.
The silent began to die.
Tomorrow is the past, Past is the story, and now is the beginning of life .
Clock click on the way to stick the start.
Mad man knows his journey, and shook his head in a slightly way.
Rich man without knowledge, is like without know heart and love .
Click on to shadow your future.
You will never fall down because the Sea Of Rose flowers catch you up, and strong you.
Be like it and have life moment.
Rain left the earth unsatisfied.
Because of our lack of truth and faith.
Love is the key to brighten.
The food slim to person.
Tears may be unforgivable.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Ahmed

    This is incredible.