Tell Me To Stay

by Hope   Jul 31, 2017

Let it rain,
the end never stops turning,
I'm just burning to fade,
faith just keeps on yearning,
the sky falls;
decaying black holes inside my skull.
my constellations recall,
you can't get back what time stole,
I'll lose my soul,
it's all in your grave,
I'll lye deep down inside,
tell me to stay,
I lost it all when I hide,
I can't hush the silence,
it's in my horizon,
I'll hush when I fall....,
when I fall beside you,
I see the truth,
heavens gates lost it all,
it's all beyond the prairies,
wildflowers dance,
the truth is the only thing left to carry,
I'll take this second chance;
taking the otherside,
I'll dig my soul,
I can't hide;
hiding in the dark and the cold,
you fell from grace,
tell my to stay.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Michael

    Chilling piece hope
    This has been structured well

    Michael :)