To My Niece Lilith Skye

by fenix flight   Aug 10, 2017

You are only a month old
so you wont understand right now
But I hope you do as you get older.

Auntie Coconut Loves you
With everything she has,
you are my first niece after all ;-P

I vow to always buy you baby socks
at least while you're still a baby
because lets be honest, they are the cutest thing EVER

I Promise to always be the "bad influence"
that everyone talks about
and help you be care free and wild.

I vow to be the goofy nut ball aunt,
that you can trust with all your secrets.
I'll protect them with my life.

I'll be there if you fight with your mom and dad,
and need someone to vent to,
I promise I wont break that trust.

I know I cant be there physically
But I am always here emotionally
I'm also just a call away.

I love you little
Lilith Skye

Love your Auntie Coconut


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