Love Is

by Jenny Paradise   Aug 22, 2017

Love isn't being hateful,
It's being happy and grateful,

Love shouldn't make you fight,
Or have you doing things out of spite,

Love is supposed to make you excited and proud,
Not in each others faces yelling and screaming loud,

Love is when you don't wanna change the other,
Its loving them as they are and not another,

Love is also noticing the good, not just the bad,
Its when you find yourself smiling and not always sad,

Love is caring about the others feelings and watching what you do,
Not doing something cause you're mad and don't think for a few,

Love is when you give more than you receive,
Its when you can trust and you can believe,

Love isnt thinking you're always right,
Its admitting when you're wrong, even if it takes all your might,

Love is when you hug that special someone and you feel at home,
Its never ever wanting to leave them alone,

Love is when that person brightens your day with a simple smile,
Its when they walk into a room and your heart melts into a pile,

Love is never supposed to hurt,
Its meant to feel good not like work,

Some people say I don't know what love is but I do,
Love is sweet and kind but most of all its you.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Lucifer

    Jenny, Thank you so much for writing about the feeling of love and bringing us hope.
    Everything you mentioned here is true.
    This is love and it is beautiful, like this poem of yours.

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