True spit

by Zetta Yale   Aug 22, 2017

Die die die die die die die die within the light I Fall From Grace tripping again in another place dream of time and Lasting night a gift of birth a screaming fright the soul-shaking to car only to rise once more breed within the dark and Bloom and smells Ash of the funerals blue a devil's Pride she'll take you down within the ground lost but not found given everything for nothing Within and now we walk to live again walk away and breathe the night for all you learn is a forgotten fright I loved ones and lost some more but now I love Nevermore I'll Never Love I'm never care because your heart was never there within the Silence of a broken lamb I see the world for what I am sanity pure and life so sweet within my world I am complete breathe today forgotten friend for now I care but you will end


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