what a shame

by Beautiful Tragedy   Sep 20, 2017

I said my goodbyes to you
the day I stood on the sixth
street bridge looking out
at the water after I'd already placed the Lock of hearts and dropped
the keys into the water-
You were supposed to be there
to share the moment with
Me but you'd walked away months
Ago and I;
I'd finally realized that our relationship or what was left of it
Anyways wasn't worth the
It broke my heart;
When the reality that you'd never planned on staying at all
Came crashing down on me,
making me question if you'd ever planned on doing anything you said you wanted to do
with me.
And as I stood on that bridge
by myself it hit me-
This right here was always going to be the end result;
You walking out and leaving me
left to mourn you all over again.
But this time,
I stopped waiting.
So don't get yourself confused darling;
You are not my starboy,
and you never gave yourself the chance to be either.
What a shame.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Mark

    :( so personal and real is your writing style. Well done

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